About Us

The North Shore Mothers of Multiples is a non-profit organization founded in 1958 by Barbara Bergman. Since then our goal has remained the same; reaching out and supporting our fellow multiple mommies. Whether it’s to get tips on handling the woes of pregnancy, exchanging goods, finding the best pediatricians or simply to enjoy adult conversations with women who are in the same boat, we strive ourselves on connecting moms and creating a welcoming, supportive team.

There are monthly meetings where we discuss the status of our club, answer concerns or questions, welcome new members and general chats with lot of laughs. Then there are the events! Fun-filled days with the families at the beach, or with Santa and even mommy nights out! It seems there is always something fun going on!

We have numerous ways of connecting to members and the Board, whether on Big Tent, Facebook, email or our website, someone is always available to lend and ear, answer a question or just let you vent!

So come and check us out and spread the word!

We’re mothers of multiples….that’s OUR superpower!

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